Dallas / Ft. Worth DFW Portable Planetarium School Programs

The Science Field Trip that Comes to You!

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the universe with the Arkansas SkyDome Portable Planetarium and Space Science Museum!

With the largest, most advanced digital portable planetarium in the region, we provide your students with an unforgettable experience that will spark their curiosity for space and science. Our goal is to inspire and educate students about the endless possibilities STEM holds for their education and future careers.

Our larger dome can seat twice as many students as the standard-sized dome that most other programs use, allowing us to serve more than 300 students per day!  Additionally, the up to 10 tables worth of Earth and space science exhibits that we bring enables us to provide a more comprehensive learning experience.

The Arkansas SkyDome travels all over the region, including to the DFW area!!!

We charge flat rates for a visit to the DFW area. 

  • 1st day: $925
  • Additional Days: $725

Note: We allow and encourage multiple schools to coordinate to take advantage of the lower multi-day rate as long as they are consecutive days in the same week.

FB IMG 1684599012714
SkyDome host talking to students about the Apollo program while holding a photo autographed by Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot Charlie Duke.

Program Includes:

  1. Planetarium w/ Live Night Sky Tours and Full Dome Movies
  2. Earth & Space Science Exhibits
  3. Telescopes (optional)

Please visit these pages to learn more about our programs:

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Exploring the winter constellations inside the SkyDome.

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