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To learn more about the SkyDome or to schedule a program contact us at:

How to Schedule

We’ll work with you to create a program that fits your needs and budget.

  1. Review the Rates and Availability Calendar below.
  2. Fill out the PLANETARIUM INQUIRY FORM at the bottom of this page or contact us about setting up your program.
  3. We’ll email you an ESTIMATE / TERMS for the program and date.
  4. Once you approve the ESTIMATE / TERMS, we’ll get you on the calendar!

Current Rates

Current program rates are based on how long we are conducting the actual programs (set up / take down time isn’t counted).  Does not include mileage and lodging (if necessary).

Program rates

Short Programs
Under 2 Hours

Half Day Programs
2-4 Hours

Full Day Programs
4-8 Hours


If you schedule the planetarium for 2 or more consecutive days at the same location the rate drops to $300/Day

(Does not include lodging or mileage)

Math / Science Night Add-On

Share the excitement of your full day program with family and friends by adding a math / science night.

Additional Fees

Mileage: $.50/mile
The mileage rate is charged from Greenbrier, AR to your location and back again.  

Lodging: $150 / night
A lodging fee is added to cover the cost of a hotel if we need to spend the night. This occurs if the program start time, plus travel and setup time would require us to be up unreasonably early or if we are booked for multiple days and it is not practical to drive back home the night between.

The distance we can travel outside Arkansas (and we do on a regular basis) will depend in large part on when mileage fees make the trip cost prohibitive.  We do programs in eastern Oklahoma, southern Missouri and in eastern Texas around DFW.

SkyDome Availability Calendar

If the date is empty below, we will probably be available to schedule a program!

Telescope Viewing for Evening Programs:
If you are interested in holding an evening program with telescope viewing, for the best views of the moon we recommend scheduling within a few days before/after the First Quarter Moon

Note: We’ve gotten word the form below does not work sometimes.  If it does not work correctly please e-mail the information to us at and we’ll work with you to get a program setup!

SkyDome Planetarium Inquiry
How many hours would you like to book the planetarium?
For daytime school programs, weather permitting, we can bring a telescope for daytime or solar (for older students) observing. Program blocks must be at least 1 hour+ to include the telescope.
List the date(s) or range of dates you're interested in hosting the planetarium.