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We are looking forward to announcing a major upgrade to the SkyDome Planetarium for the 2022-23 school year! 

About: The Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium is a portable planetarium and space science museum that visits schools / organizations to inspire the next generation to explore the exciting world of STEM.

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Just one week until @NASAWebb's first science images! #UnfoldtheUniverse

How long have you been looking forward to this? https://t.co/gwLq6XAkvD
ArkansasSkies photo
Isn't this cool? Our friend Mario Rana in Hampton, Virginia, captured it yesterday, the day of Earth's aphelion (farthest point from the sun). It's the International Space Station, crossing the sun's face. Thank you, Mario!


#sun https://t.co/MwaBBmGidx
ArkansasSkies photo
I captured the Eagle Nebula with a 12" telescope from my backyard. During editing I removed all the stars to highlight the incredible structures within it, which includes the famous pillars of creation. This remains one of my favorite parts of the sky. https://t.co/F7GHztzGrg ArkansasSkies photo