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The Arkansas SkyDome Portable Planetarium and Space Science Museum travels to schools and organizations across Arkansas and parts of our surrounding states to get students excited about space and science.

With the most advanced digital portable planetarium projection system in the state, this unique immersive experience can take your students across the universe.

We also bring up to 8-10 tables (supplied by the host) worth of earth / space science exhibits.  These can include astronaut autographs going back to project Mercury, NASA memorabilia, model rockets, soil samples from around the world, Arkansas minerals, meteorites, fossils and more.

Weather permitting your program can also include a large GPS telescope, that gives students the opportunity to view objects in the real sky! 

Beyond the Planetarium

Browse our website for free resources and printables to help you or your students explore our night sky.

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Arkansas SkyDome - @ArkansasSkies
The initial trajectory based on reports that have been submitted to the AMS seem to show it coming down between Little Rock and Conway heading generally west.


https://t.co/eEDWgHzJAB https://t.co/UqXVVyDiM5
ArkansasSkies photo
Wow! Great view of the green #meteor tonight. Laine Miles sent this to me from Camden, Arkansas. @ArkansasSkies https://t.co/ulw5e3Z8r7
The green color of tonight's meteor was likely caused by either the air glow of highly ionized atmospheric oxygen created as the meteor plowed through the atmosphere or by the burning of cooper within the meteor itself.

Electric cars? Sure. But how about electric planes? Our all-electric X-57 Maxwell aircraft is one step closer to flight after passing extreme heat and cold tests. This experimental @NASAAero plane aims to make flying cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable: https://t.co/TI3DUHw427 https://t.co/QgNddflsP5 NASA photo
“My big takeaway is: it's okay to take chances. Sometimes we step in our own way and we need to accept help.”

Tiffany Fairley brings the #Artemis missions to the world as a public affairs officer for @NASAKennedy. Celebrate #BHM: https://t.co/Q00RJ8DKb1 https://t.co/dTV3hBYG6T
NASA photo
Are you a student majoring in... anything? Apply now for an internship at https://t.co/s69uwyR1LJ!

We have several programs, including Pathways, which accept many majors and provide a structured path to potential full-time employment at NASA after graduation. Deadline: Feb. 10. https://t.co/I5IkqkIBqW
NASA photo
Catch a glimpse of the brightest star-forming area in our galactic neighborhood with this new @NASAHubble image of the Tarantula Nebula: https://t.co/9VtEC3S84v https://t.co/MiGvsy72XF NASA photo