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The Science Field Trip That Comes To You!

—   Serving Arkansas and Parts of Our Surrounding States  —

The Arkansas SkyDome Portable Planetarium and Space Science Museum travels to schools and organizations across Arkansas and parts of our surrounding states to get students excited about space and science.

With the most advanced digital portable planetarium projection system in the state, this unique immersive experience can take your students across the universe.

We also bring up to 8-10 tables (supplied by the host) worth of earth / space science exhibits.  These can include astronaut autographs going back to project Mercury, NASA memorabilia, model rockets, soil samples from around the world, Arkansas minerals, meteorites, fossils and more.

Weather permitting your program can also include a large GPS telescope, that gives students the opportunity to view objects in the real sky! 

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Prepare for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Let us help your community or organizaton prepare for the 2024 Total Solar Ecllipse.

Beyond the Planetarium

Browse our website for free resources and printables to help you or your students explore our night sky.

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The American flag is a symbol of freedom and, in my opinion, there is nothing more noble than defending your country to protect those values. As we pay tribute to our fallen heroes, let their legacy inspire us to be better, to lend a helping hand to those in need, and to cherish… https://t.co/BAvAqmJ3wD https://t.co/2WbCnfCouH ArkansasSkies photo
#MemorialDay is a time to honor and remember the people that gave their lives for our country. To those who put our nation before themselves, and to their family and friends left behind, we honor your sacrifice. https://t.co/ca5O6nwwHd ArkansasSkies photo

Well, deployment news 😉 - @ESA_Juice boom deployments are complete!

With confirmation of the successful release of #ESAJuice's 4th Langmuir probe, here captured by one of the 🛰️'s onboard monitoring cameras, we declare Juice in full flight configuration 🏁🥳 https://t.co/KikMYqXAzW
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On this day in 1961, President Kennedy captivated the nation with his vision of reaching the Moon. The Apollo program showcased the power of determination and innovation. Let's remember the incredible achievements from JFK's bold challenge and keep reaching for the stars!
Ad astra per aspera ✨

Join us this #MemorialDay in remembering and honoring all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. https://t.co/v9Zx00FsDW
NASA photo
After just over a week in space, @Axiom_Space's #Ax2 astronauts are set to return to Earth on Tuesday, May 30. Here’s how to watch live coverage, from closing of the hatches to splashdown: https://t.co/6WAjNw8cKQ https://t.co/a87lTKbmre NASA photo
Two @NASA_Astronauts will do a pair of spacewalks on June 9 and June 15 to install new solar arrays on the @Space_Station. We’ll stream them live.

Join us for a preview on June 1: https://t.co/IhNONtWKMd https://t.co/I7zw8O7GbH
NASA photo