Arkansas Skydome Planetarium

Science Adventure Awaits

Bring the wonders of the night sky to your school or group with the Arkansas SkyDome Portable Planetarium and Space Science Museum.

School Day Science Programs
Our planetarium and science exhibits set up in your large indoor space bringing a star filled experience to your students. In addition to professionally produced programs, the presentations include live,  grade appropriate tours of the current night sky that encourages students to go outside to explore the heavens themselves. Hands on exhibits encourage students to explore various science topics and STEM careers.

School Math & Science Nights
If you’re holding a Math / Science night, our planetarium and telescope can be a center piece of the evening’s activities.  We’ve participated in many science night events so we can also be a resource on setting up a successful evening. 

Looking for an out of this world activity? 

Whether your a library looking for a summer program, a scout group wanting to help your scouts get a space badge, or any other civic group looking to create a memorable evening for kids of all ages, we can help!

Scout, Library and Civic Groups

VBS / Church Youth Groups

“The heavens declare the glory of God.” – Psalms 19:1

Studies tell us one of the reasons youth leave church is because of conflicts between faith and science. Using apologetics found in the Scriptures and the visual power of the planetarium we show students how nature and the Bible complement each other.

Is it Christmas time?  Be sure to ask about our faith affirming program that seeks to answer the question “What was the Star of Bethlehem? ” 

Programs Include:

Most Advanced Portable planetarium Projection system in Arkansas

NASA, Space & earth science exhibits

telescope to view the moon or the brightest planets and stars – even during the daytime!

Access to the same programming available in the largest planetariums in the world!

SkyDome Host with 30+ years of planetarium / astronomy outreach education

Untitled 3

Exploring Earth science exhibits with the SkyDome host.

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Observing Venus in the daytime sky!

planning a Visit

  • Indoor climate controlled space.
  • Clean floor with an area of at least 25′ by 25′ and 12′ tall ceiling.  (Gym, Cafeteria, etc)
  • 120v electrical outlet
  • Parking with easy access to bring equipment in and out.  
  • 8-10 tables to put the exhibits on.
  • For telescopes: Easy access for students to go out to use the telescopes that is reasonably secure between groups.
  • For legal and liability reasons we CAN NOT take responsibility for students. A teacher or responsible representative must be present at all times and accompany students inside the planetarium.
  • Every reasonable effort is made to ensure a safe experience. However, the hosting organization agrees to assume liability for our visit and to coordinate with us to ensure the safety of participants.
  • Host organization assumes responsibility for theft or damage to equipment / exhibits caused by attendees beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Unless other arrangements are made (we are happy to work with you), the program fee is due on the date of the program. 
  • There are no reservation or cancellation fees. 
  • The SkyDome Planetarium typically seats one classroom of students ~ 25 – 30 students. 
  • Program blocks are approximately 1 hour long.
  • Please have a printout of the day’s schedule available for SkyDome hosts. 
  • SkyDome hosts will need to arrive about an hour prior to the program to setup.
  • When applicable plan at least a 30 min. lunch / dinner break for SkyDome hosts.

Choose one of our professional programs (see website for available programs) and/or live grade appropriate tours of the current night sky. For our youngest visitors (2nd and below) we share some of the fun stories of the stars.

We bring up to 8-10 tables (supplied by the host) worth of earth / space science exhibits. Depending on program specifics, these can include astronaut autographs going back to project Mercury, NASA memorabilia, drone demonstrations, model rockets, soil samples from around the world, Arkansas minerals, meteorites, fossils and more.

a mobile Science Museum!

You get more than just the planetarium!  


Mineral and Gems

Astronaut Autographs


Rocket and Airplane Models


A Look Inside...

Whether it’s the constellations, a quick flight to Mars or a tour inside the space shuttle assembly building a universe of possible adventures awaits your students!

An experience they’ll never forget!

A Future Of Possibilities!

Our mission is to get students excited about a possible future in STEM by bringing this unique, immersive experience to them.  We want to show them science can be exciting and that they can be a part of it!