Printable Astronomy Color Star Maps

These star charts are designed for students and amateur stargazers.

Perfect for posting on the bulletin board or refrigerator! 

March 2024 Star Map

March 2024 Printable Star Map

Free March 2024 color star map and constellation map. Includes moon phases, planets, and upcoming events. Perfect for students and amateur stargazers.


Star Charts

  • Directions:  Go outside at the time indicated on the chart.  Hold the chart over your head, aligning north on the chart with your local north.  
  • About: The moons on the map show the position and location of the moon on that date.  All the listed night sky events are in the evening, unless otherwise noted.
  • Note: All the moon and planet photos used in the star chart are real photos taken through our telescope. 
  • Usage: You may freely print and share hard copies, and/or post the chart on your website or social media accounts for personal, educational, commercial or editorial purposes provided you do not alter the chart or remove the logo.