Arkansas SkyDome Portable Planetarium and Science Museum

Vacation Bible School Space Programs

Add a special attraction to your VBS or other youth programs with the SkyDome Portable Planetarium and Telescopes!

Let us tailor a program to your VBS theme or youth program.  

For small to moderate sized groups with access to a suitable indoor area, we can setup the SkyDome planetarium for tours of the night sky. We’ll also show students where to find some of the stars and constellations mentioned in the Bible!

For larger groups we begin with an interactive presentation on what’s visible in the night sky, current events, and telescope use. We bring our traveling exhibits and NASA memorabilia for students and their families to explore.

Then, weather permitting, telescopes are setup outside to view the Sun, Moon, planets and other celestial wonders that are visible. The host also helps students to identify and find their way around the sky.  They’ll hear stories of the constellations emphasizing your theme and interesting facts about the night sky.


Adult Programs

“The Heaven Declare” ~45 minutes
Oh Lord my God when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds they hands have made.  I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, they power throughout the Universe displayed,” begins the popular hymn “How Great Thou Art”. Have you ever stopped to consider those words?  He calls them all by name, but how many stars are there?  How big is the universe? What does the Universe tell us about the nature and power of God and his relationship to us?  This 45 minute PowerPoint presentation explores those questions.  Learn about the Universe known in the days of the Bible authors compared to the latest scientific thought.  Learn about the fine tuned universe we live in and the evidence that points to intelligent design.  Attendees will leave with a new appreciation of “How Great Thou Art”!




“The Star of Bethlehem” ~45 minutes
Using clues in the Biblical account we go back to the skies over Bethlehem to look into the account of the star. Learn about what really happened that first Christmas, according to the Bible verses our traditions.  For example: was Jesus born the night they arrived in Bethlehem? Was Jesus really born in a barn?  If Joseph’s family was from Bethlehem why didn’t he stay with family?  Was the star supernatural or did God use the “everyday” things of the heavens?  The star led the Magi to Jerusalem, which alerted Herod, which led to the murder of the innocents, which promoted the holy family to flee to Egypt.  Without the star, the story unravels.  So journey back with us to Bethlehem in this faith building talk.

SkyDome Planetarium tours and outdoor telescope viewing of the Sun, Moon and planets can be added to either of these talks.  

Schedule A Program
For more information or to schedule a program contact Stephen at: or 501.314.9250

  • If possible please schedule programs at least two weeks in advance.
  • We can also help you pick dates based on night sky events, such as moon phase.

Talks are presented by SkyDome Host Stephen Meeks.  Mr. Meeks has taught Sunday School classes and been involved in VBS programs for years.  He has also presented these programs to multiple congregations.  He is currently an assistant Sunday School teacher at Springhill Baptist Church.