Faith Based Programs

This is a list of available faith based programs. These apologetic programs are designed for church groups, youth groups and VBS to increase attendees confidence in the Christian faith. 

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

moon limb

Scientific questioning is one of the leading reasons youth leave the faith. However, the Psalmist tells us the heavens declare the glory of God. But what did God create the Univese from? What did He create? And if God created the Universe, who created God? How could plants be created on day 3 if the Sun does not appear until day 4?

In this faith building presentation, we use Scriptures and book of nature to answer these questions and more. We explain how the science of the finely-tuned Universe is one of the best evidences for the exsistence of God.

Program Time: 45 Minutes
Target Age: Youth (General Audience)
Planetarium or PowerPoint

Join us for a journey back to the skies over ancient Bethlehem to find the star that heralded the birth of the new king. 


In this faith affirming program we use descriptions from the Bible and the power of the planetarium to replace the traditional view of Christmas with a Biblical one by answering questions like:

  • Who were the Magi and what prompted them to make the journey?
  • Was Jesus born in a stable?  
  • Did they really arrive just as Mary’s labors started?
  • If Bethlehem was home to Joseph’s family why didn’t someone take them in?
  • When the shepherds arrived why didn’t they take the family someplace?
  • If the star was so bright why didn’t Herod see it?

Join us as we journey back to the skies over Bethlehem to find the star that has inspired believers for centuries.

Program Time: 45 Minutes
Target Age: General Audience

Planetarium or PowerPoint

Faith Based Program Rates

  • Planetarium Program: $130.00
  • Lecture Only: $75.00

  • Mileage: $0.50/mile outside 50 miles

*Out of state programs are charged at the standard rates.

Program Format:
Programs can be designated as either planetarium, lecture or both.  Planetarium programs can only be presented in the planetarium.  Lecture (PowerPoint) programs can only be presented in a traditional format.  Programs listed as both can be presented in either format.