Welcome to the Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium Astronomy Store!
Here you will find a collection of recommended equipment, books and other products for star gazers.  We’ve selected the best products available from Amazon.com based on our years of experience working with both novice and experienced observers.  Many of the products are available at discount prices, but, more importantly, they’ve been highly rated by users like you.

No matter your level of knowledge the on-line store has something for everyone. 

If I had to recommend a telescope to start out with, it would be the Orion SkyQuest telescopes. These are good all around general introductory, no frills, telescopes that will get you started.  I know many people who started with telescopes such as these who were very happy with them.  It helped them learn the sky and where their interest were before investing in more expensive equipment. These are also good starter telescopes for students (12 and up) who are budding astronomers. When I don’t want to bother with all the setup of my fancier telescope, I personally still use a telescope like this for a quick peak at the sky!

Star charts for reference or use at the telescope. These are the most universally trusted and used star charts by the astronomy community.

Planispheres, or star wheels, are a necessary part of any star gazers reference material.  These simple to use star charts help you find the constellations for any date / time of the year.  A great tool for beginners.

Guides to help you find your way around the night sky. 

Vintage Telescopes and Nautical Instruments to display in your home or office.

Books to help you learn the constellations and the stories in the stars.

Recommended binoculars for stargazing.

Stay up to date with the latest discovery, observing tips, and night sky events with these Astronomy focused periodicals.

Camera’s and books to help you get started photographing the night sky.

Project the stars on your ceiling.

Fun and far out space themed gifts!

It’s all about the Moon…
Moon maps.  Moon books.  Moon lights.

Famous and Educational Space Posters