Southern Missouri Portable Planetarium Programs

Bring the wonders of the night sky and STEM to your school or group with our portable planetarium and mobile science museum!

The Arkansas SkyDome portable planetarium and mobile space science museum provides entertaining and educational space related programs for schools and organizations across Arkansas and our surrounding states. Our programs are hosted by Stephen Meeks, who brings over 30 years of stargazing experience and passion to our events.  He also attended numerous Space Shuttle launches at the Kennedy Space Center where he was able to talk to astronauts and NASA personnel, giving your students the rare chance to hear from someone who has seen and experienced our space program in action.

Our inflatable SkyDome sets up easily in your location, bringing a star-filled planetarium to your site. Science exhibits include meteorites, rocket / aircraft models, astronaut autographs, rock and soil samples from around the world, fossils and more. Age appropriate and weather permitting we bring telescopes for safe viewing of the Sun, Moon, planets and other celestial wonders.

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SkyDome Portable  Planetarium Programs

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For more information or to schedule a program contact Stephen at: or 501.314.92506