*** Special Opportunity - Mercury Transit Nov. 11, 2019 ***

On Monday Nov. 11, 2019 the planet Mercury will move across the face of the Sun as see from Earth.  These rare transits of Mercury occur, on average, only 13 times in a century.  The last such transit was in 2016 and in many cases the transits aren’t visible from our area.  The Nov. 11, transit is not only visible from our area, but almost perfectly aligned with a school day. 

This gives us the chance to offer one school the rare opportunity to share this event with your students.  

An opportunity to share a Mercury transit with students may happen only once every 15-20 years!!!

The SkyDome Planetarium Mercury Transit Program
Students will visit the SkyDome Planetarium and get a live tour of the current night sky.  Following the time in the planetarium students will have a brief chance to explore our exhibits and learn about Mercury and the transit.  Students will then get to go outside to see the transit through our safe solar telescope.  They will also get to help us use specialized astronomy cameras to image the transit, teaching students the basic ideas behind how astronomers image the stars.  The images will be made available to the school after the event.  We’ll also make suggestions on projects the students can do to observe the transit.

Program Notes:

  • Each class rotation needs to be 45 – 60 minutes long.
  • 4th grade classes or older students.
  • Only one class (25-30 students max) per rotation.
  • The telescopes need to be setup in an area near the planetarium to allow students easy ‘transit’ between the two areas.
  • Telescopes must be setup in an area with a clear view to the south with no trees and access to 120v power.


Transit Notes:

  • The transit begins just before sunrise as seen from Arkansas
  • The mid-point of the transit is 11:20am
  • The transit ends at 2:04pm

Program fee for this special event is: $525 + mileage and lodging (if applicable).

Contact us for more information or to schedule the program.