SkyDome Planetarium Sponsorship Opportunity

Arkansas students rank 41st in Math and Science.  With your help we’re working to change that.
We have an unique sponsorship opportunity to bring the excitement of space and STEM to Arkansas students.

Opportunity: Digital Portable Planetarium System: $40,000

The Need: The Starlab is a good system and we are getting great feedback from our programs.  The main limitation to the Starlab projector (pictured to the right) is it’s essentially a light bulb with a film canister over it.  The specialty bulbs are no longer made and it is not compatible with today’s LED bulbs.  Once our spares burn out, the planetarium will be out of business…

Also, while the analog projector does a great job projecting the stars, that’s all it can do.


Above: Current Starlab Star Projector

Below: Video Demonstration of a Digital Planetarium

Opportunity: We are looking for a sponsor to help us upgrade to a digital projection system. As you can see in the video to the right not only can these systems show the sky, you can zoom into objects, go forward / backward in time, etc.  We can also use it to show professionally produced planetarium programming to bring to our students the same shows / resources that are available in the largest planetariums in the world.

As part of the upgrade we are also exploring the possibility to going to a larger dome that can accommodate up to 40 students.  The current planetarium seats about 25. 

Business Promotion Opportunity

Sponsoring the new SkyDome is a great public outreach opportunity for a business.

  • Dome Branding

We will place your company logo on the outside of the dome for our thousands of annual visitors to see your support for science and education.

  • Promotional Bookmark

    Each visitor will receive a SkyDome bookmark.  On the front will be facts about space.  The back will feature facts about the SkyDome and include your logo / website, etc. 

  • Sponsorship Recognition

    We’ll place a “Sponsored by:” your name / logo on SkyDome promotional and educational materials and on our website for first two years.

Last year we had over 5,000 students visit the SkyDome.  This year we’re on pace to have over 7,000!

Making a Difference: A Testimonial

Vision Works of Conway sponsored our solar telescope.

Most of our programs are during the daytime and we want to show the students things in the real sky as much as in the planetarium.  Since Vision Works donated our solar telescope hundreds of students have had the chance to safely look at the Sun.   Each student then receives a bookmark with solar facts, sun safety information and the company’s information.

Students constantly remark about how neat it is to look through the telescope. 

For the many of them it is their first time to look through a telescope.

"Thank you again for coming out to our family night! Everyone loved the items you had on display and your amazing planetarium!"
5th Grade Teacher

For more information contact Stephen at: or 501.314.9250

Please also visit our donations page.