The SkyDome Project – A Digital Portable Planetarium for Arkansas.

Watch the video below to learn about portable planetariums and the exciting possibilities the SkyDome can bring to Arkansas!

SkyDome Project Update:

Thanks to donations and contributions from supporters, I have purchased a used classic Starlab 5-Meter portable planetarium.  Although this is an analog system, it will allow me to being doing school / community programs as we work toward upgrading it to a digital system.   The digital projection system is ~$7,500.  Please contact us if you’d like to help or sponsor the system.

Visit this link to have the Skydome visit your school / community.


The Need:
Arkansas students struggle in science and math when compared to their counterparts in other states. The Science and Engineering Readiness Index which grades states on their K-12 preparation of future scientists and engineers ranked Arkansas 41 or the bottom state in their “Below Average” category.

f1A Solution to Excite Students:
Imagine a 5th grade student walking into their school gym and seeing rocket models, meteorites and all sorts of space imagery.

But the center piece is a large dome that is ready to take them to the farthest reaches of space, through the eye of a hurricane, into a living cell or down the Colorado River.

Welcome to the SkyDome!

I am raising donations for the SkyDome Project – to bring the first digital portable planetarium to Arkansas. These planetariums can show the stars and so much more. Museum quality shows. 


Other Benefits:
There are several advantages to bringing the science center to the school.  It is cheaper than a field trip, there’s no need for transportation or permission slips, no planning for lunch away from school. More students can participate and classroom time is saved.


Stephen Meeks – SkyDome Host


My Background:

I have been doing astronomy programs for schools for over 20 years.  I had the opportunity to watch over two dozen space shuttle launches from the press site at Kennedy Space Center, giving me the chance to meet numerous astronauts. I am an accomplished observer and astrophotographer.  I want to bring that experience and excitement into Arkansas schools.

  • President of the Northeast Florida Astronomical Society
  • Space Shuttle Launch Subject Matter Expert for Media
  • Adjunct Astronomy Professor at Florida State College
  • Planetarium Producer at the Museum of Science & History
  • Accomplished AstroPhotographer & Observer


SkyDome Project Status
  • Solar Telescope
    To allow students to safely observe the Sun
    Status: Sponsored by Vision Care
  • Planetarium Dome
    Status: 5-Meter Dome Purchased 
  • Projection System
    High-end video projector with special lenses to project programs onto the dome.
    status: $0 raised
  • Software
    Rendering software to create star field and allow travel throughout space.
    Status: $0 raised
  • GPS Telescope
    To allow viewing of the planets and brightest stars during the school day.
    Status: $300 raised




 It Won’t Happen Without You
Most people agree the SkyDome Project is a great idea, as there are few things that get kids more excited about math and science than Space.  Help me create new opportunities for our students that can excite them to pursue things they never imagined!  Whether its a little or a lot, $5 or $500, help me bring the SkyDome to Arkansas.  

Ways you can Help


  • Name the Dome in Honor of Someone:
    In return for full-funding we’ll name the dome in honor / memory of someone.  This is a great way to honor someone who was / is a champion of education in our state.

Business & Organizations: 


Please contact us for further details or sponsorship opportunities.

Contact Information

Stephen Meeks

AstroScan Observatory
552 Hwy 225 E.
Greenbrier, AR 72058


The SkyDome Project Photo Gallery

Our Activities in the Community


Math & Science Night – Elementary school

Woolly Hollow State Park

Woolly Hollow State Park


Solar Observing – Middle School


Museum of Discovery


Faulkner County Fair


Toad Suck Daze Festival

Boy Scout Troop

Solar Observing

Asian Festival

Asian Festival