The Arkansas SkyDome Portable Planetarium and Science Museum doesn’t serve just Arkansas.  

Explore science and the wonders of the night sky with our portable planetarium and mobile science museum!

AstroScan Observatory provides entertaining and educational space related programs for schools and organizations across Arkansas and our surrounding states. Our programs are conducted by Stephen Meeks, who brings over 30 years of stargazing experience and passion to our events.

Our inflatable SkyDome sets up easily in your location, bringing a star-filled planetarium to your site. Science exhibits include meteorites, rocket / aircraft models, astronaut autographs, rock and soil samples from around the world, fossils and more. Age appropriate and weather permitting we bring telescopes for safe viewing of the Sun, Moon, planets and other celestial wonders.

Don’t just get a planetarium show, get a complete mobile space science museum!

Learn more about the SkyDome Program Here

To help you get a better idea of estimated rates for surrounding states we’ve prepared these estimates.  The daily rate is competitive or less than local providers and includes our science exhibits and telescope observations which aren’t offered by most of our competitors.  Book us for multiple days or team up with other schools in the area to share the cost.  For cost sharing programs must be booked on consecutive days.

The table below shows the estimated daily rate for a visit to major cities outside Arkansas.  For example if three schools in the Dallas area went together and each booked a day, they would each pay $550.  If a large school district in St. Louis booked us for four consecutive days it would be $525 per day.

City Miles 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
Dallas / Ft. Worth Portable Planetarium Programs 350 $775 $600 $550 $525 $500
Oklahoma City Portable Planetarium Programs 320 $750 $600 $550 $525 $500
Nashville Portable Planetarium Programs 400 $800 $650 $600 $550 $505
Kansas City Portable Planetarium Programs 350 $775 $600 $550 $525 $500
St. Louis Portable Planetarium Programs 350 $775 $600 $550 $525 $500


Please note these are just estimates.  Contact us for a quote or special circumstances.  We are happy to work with you.