Arkansas SkyDome Portable Planetarium and Science Museum

Library / Community Programs

Bring the wonders of the night sky to your library or community.  Programs can be tailored for all ages.

Science Museum Exhibits 
Visitors begin by exploring our mobile science museum.  For younger students we use a “show & tell” format, older visitors and families are free to explore the exhibits.  Exhibits include meteorites, photos, NASA memorabilia, space/aircraft models and more.

SkyDome Portable Planetarium

  • Visitors are taken on a tour of the current night sky, including how to find the planets and a review of the brighter constellations.  Each tour is tailored to the age group and last about 1/2 hour.


Telescope Viewing:
Daytime: Age 10 and older
Visitors will learn about telescopes and safe solar viewing. Then weather permitting telescopes will be setup outside for students to view the Sun through our specialized safe solar telescope.  We’ll have regular telescopes for viewing the Moon or planets if they are visible in the daytime sky.


Weather permitting telescopes will be setup outside for visitors to view the Moon, Planets and other celestial wonders.

SkyDome Project

Scouts preparing to look through a telescope. Inset: An image of Saturn taken through the same telescope students use!

Program Rates

  • Program Fee:          $50 / Program
  • Travel Fee: No Fee for the first 50 miles from Greenbrier, AR. – $0.50 / mile for each mile beyond 50.

Estimate fee by calculating distance from your school to Greenbrier and subtract 50.  For example Greenbrier to Ft. Smith is 135 miles.  135-50 = 85.  Estimate: $85  ($.50 / mile there + $.50 / mile back = $1 round trip / mile)

Unless other arrangements are made, program fee due on the date of the programs.

For the SkyDome

  • Maximum capacity per show 25 people.
  • Supervising adult must be present during each show.
  • Organization assumes responsibility for damage to equipment / exhibits caused by participants beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Indoor room (Gym, Cafeteria, etc.) Minimum floor space: 30 feet by 30 feet
  • Minimum ceiling height: 12 feet with no obstructions (light fixtures, etc.)
  • 2 grounded 120-volt standard electrical outlets.
  • Clean, swept floor.
  • Easy access to parking to load / unload equipment
  • ~30 minute setup / take down time

Schedule A Program
For more information or to schedule a program contact Stephen, program host, or 501.314.9250

Please schedule at least two weeks in advance.  We can also help you pick a date based upon upcoming events or moon phase.