Free Resources to help you guide students on their explorations of discovery.


Star Wheel Earth Science Fun Pad Exoplanet Coloring Book Aero Adventure Apollo Curator Engineering Design


Resource Grades Brief Description
3 & up Free download and print this month’s star chart and astronomical calendar of events.
 3 & up Students cut out and assemble a paper star wheel that they can use to find the constellations. 
2-5 Earth Science Activity pad packed with easily photocopied activities / word searches / coloring pages.
2-6 Search for planets outside our solar system with TESSie and NASA in this fun / educational coloring book.


Aeronautics & Aviation

Resource Grades Brief Description
K-2 Activities for each letter of the alphabet to introduce some basic aeronautics terms for children.
 K-8 With some simple inexpensive materials, you can mount an exciting and productive unit on flight for children that incorporates science, mathematics, and technology education. 

  Space Flight

Resource Grades Brief Description
3-6 The Apollo Curator Coloring and Activity Book was designed to teach elementary students about the moon and Apollo space missions.
K-2 / 3-5 / 6-8 The NASA BEST Activities Guides were designed to teach students the Engineering Design Process. All follow the same set of activities and teach students about humans’ endeavor to return to the Moon.