When people see a bright star in the sky their curiosity is picked and they begin to wonder what it might be.  The purpose of this page is to answer that question.  Please consider bookmarking our site as a reference for current night sky events and to answer:

What's that bright star in the Evening Sky...

Updated Aug 2020
The brightest ‘stars’ in the evening sky this summer / early fall are the planets Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter, the brighter of the two, and Saturn will slowly be inching toward each other for a very close conjunction in late December.   The brightest star overhead is Vega, the brightest star of summer.

What's that bright star in the Morning Sky...

The brightest star in the early morning sky is Venus, the brilliant morning star.   Venus is among the star of winter, the brightest of which is Sirius.  Sirius is now rising in the SE just before sunrise.

If you look to the south, the bright red ‘star’ at dawn is the planet Mars!

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