Arkansas SkyDome Portable Planetarium and Science Museum

Scouting Programs

Astronomy Night Program:

Help your scouts get their Astronomy Badge!

Scouts, parents and siblings are invited to share an evening under the stars.  

The program we choose will be tailored to your needs, circumstances and group size. For small to moderate sized groups with access to a suitable indoor area, we can setup the SkyDome for tours of the night sky in the portable planetarium. For larger groups with access to a building, we begin indoors with an interactive presentation on what’s visible in the night sky, current events, and telescope use. We bring our traveling exhibits and NASA memorabilia for the scouts and their families to explore.

Then or if an indoor area is not available, weather permitting, telescopes are setup outside to view the Moon, planets and other celestial wonders. The host also helps students to identify and find their way around the sky.  They’ll hear stories of the constellations, interesting facts about the night sky, and of course how to find north using the stars so they’ll always be prepared!

Note: To give everyone ample time to enjoy the telescopes we recommend a maximum of ~ 100 people per evening.

Program Time: 1-2 hours

SkyDome Project

Scouts preparing to look through one of our telescopes. Inset: An image of Saturn taken through the same telescope students use!


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