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Mercury reaches its' greatest separation from the Sun on July 12th. Look for it low in the western sky around 9pm. Use Venus, the brightest star in the west, as your guide. Mercury will be visible until the last week of the month, before disappearing back into the glow of Sunset.


With Mercury visible in the evening sky, there is the rare opportunity to see all 5 of the naked eye planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn) in the evening sky.
> Mercury and Venus: Starting around 9pm, look west for Venus and Mercury.
> Jupiter: Look high to the south. The brightest star is Jupiter.
> Saturn: Look to the SE after dark for a semi-bright yellow star among the Milky Way. This is Saturn.
> Mars: You'll have to wait a little to see Mars. Look SE around 11pm to catch the Red Planet rising. It'll be easy to spot as a bright red star.
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Portable Planetarium Programs
Explore science and the wonders of the night sky with our portable planetarium and mobile science museum!  Serving Arkansas and surrounding states.


The portable planetarium is only part of our mobile science museum. Telescopes, Meteorites, Rocket Models, and NASA memorabilia are brought to your event for a program that’s out of this world!

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SkyDome Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Digital Projection System
    High-end video projector with special lenses to project live video and programs onto the dome.
    Sponsor Needed: $10,000
  • GPS Telescope
    To allow viewing of the planets and brightest stars during the school day.
    Sponsor Needed: Sponsored by Caldwell Toyota



MeteorCam: Latest Meteor detection. Interesting / Recent Event Images
Have you seen something in the sky and don’t know what it was? Want to know where to find a particular planet or object? Have an astronomical question in general? Send us your questions to observatory(at)

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