Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium
Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium
Happy 90th Birthday to Buzz Aldrin!

One of the pioneers of human spaceflight and the second person to walk on the moon.

Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr.
January 20, 1930 (age 90)
Glen Ridge, New Jersey, U.S.
Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium
Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium

On Monday morning the moon will glide pass and join a conjunction of Mars and its rival Antares. Antares is a bright red supergiant star in the constellation of Scorpio some 550 light years from Earth. It is said to form the heart of the Scorpion. Its name come from the fact it resembles Mars in color and brightness. Antares is the shorted of "Anti" (opposed or rival) and "Ares" (another name for Mars). Put "Anti" & "Ares" together and you get Antares, the rival of Mars.

Below is the view Monday morning looking SE around 6am.

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