Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium
Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium
We have the SkyDome setup for today's annual conference of the Arkansas Civil Air Patrol. This great organization helps high school students prepare for careers in aviation and the military.
Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium
Arkansas SkyDome Planetarium

On Tuesday morning (Feb 18th) at 5:50am the moon will move in front of, or occult, the planet Mars. Look to the SE beginning around 5:30am to see Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and the crescent moon in a straight line. The red planet will look like an orange-red star shinning next the a crescent moon. - Think Photo Op!

With your eye you will lose Mars a few moments before it actually passes behind the moon, however with binoculars or a small telescope, you can watch as the tiny red planet is slowly covered.

Unfortunately by the time Mars pops out the other side the sun will have risen.

Let us know if you see it or share any photos you take!

The next lunar occultation of Mars will be Dec. 7, 2022!

Below is the view that morning.

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