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It will be one of the best solar eclipses to cross Arkansas in our lifetime.  Learn more at the link above.

Below are recommended solar views. Don’t wait too late as these will get harder to get as the time gets closer.

A portion of each purchase will go toward a telescope that will let students see the planets during the daytime! 

  • Sky Surprises: New Comet ASASSN1, Nova in Scutum,...
    by Bob King on July 26, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Between the discovery of the new comet ASASSN1 and two stellar explosions, there's a lot happening in the sky this week. Take your telescope out and see what all the […]

  • Let’s Find Pluto!
    by Bob King on July 12, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    At opposition this week and as bright as it will be for the next 190 years, it's time to find your way to Pluto, a frigid enigma at the edge of night. The post Let’s […]

Portable Planetarium Programs
Explore science and the wonders of the night sky with our portable planetarium and mobile science museum!  Serving Arkansas and surrounding states.


The portable planetarium is only part of our mobile science museum. Telescopes, Meteorites, Rocket Models, and NASA memorabilia are brought to your event for a program that’s out of this world!

SkyDome Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Digital Projection System
    High-end video projector with special lenses to project live video and programs onto the dome.
    Sponsor Needed: $10,000
  • GPS Telescope
    To allow viewing of the planets and brightest stars during the school day.
    Sponsor Needed: $3,500

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MeteorCam: Latest Meteor detection. Interesting / Recent Event Images
Have you seen something in the sky and don’t know what it was? Want to know where to find a particular planet or object? Have an astronomical question in general? Send us your questions to observatory(at)